Arkadag is a new modern city of Turkmenistan


Arkadag is a city, the administrative center of the Akhal velayat of Turkmenistan, a suburb of Ashgabat, classified as a city with the rights of an etrap.

The new city of Arkadag is located in a picturesque place on the foothills of the Kopetdag mountain range, surrounded by gardens and forest plantations, which favorably affects the ecological and climatic situation of the city. When choosing a construction site, many factors were taken into account, such as natural, climatic, seismic, the availability of engineering infrastructure, and others.

The architectural appearance of the new, modern administrative center of the Akhal region, which is being built on the initiative of the Chairman of the Milli Gengesh Halk Maslakhaty Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the territory of the Gokdepe etrap of the Akhal region, reflects the rapid socio-economic development of Turkmenistan, in the organization of housing and welfare – our national heritage, spiritual values, centuries-old rich historical and cultural traditions of our people.

The presented projects of buildings and structures under construction planned for schemes of their locations, were prepared in accordance with the instruction of the head of state. The large-scale construction work that has unfolded here combines the principles of national architecture and best practices in urban planning.

The construction of the city started 2 years ago. In total, 471 structures for various purposes will be built in the city, 368 of which are residential buildings. As part of the 1st stage, which is coming to end, the construction of 336 structures is being completed, of which 258 are residential buildings.

The new administrative center of Akhal velayat will become a model in terms of both urban culture and ecology in order to preserve the natural beauty of the construction area. Here, as elsewhere, attention is paid to the implementation of the concept of a „smart” city. It should be noted that the concept of a „smart” city is based on the integration of advanced information and communication technologies, through which a single ecosystem is created that provides management of urban structures and services, improving the quality of life of the population.

This concept includes a number of constituent elements that lead to a systematic improvement of the social and living conditions of the population, ensuring the availability of modern digital services, as well as the modernization of urban infrastructure and proper control over the functioning and condition of technical equipment.

One of the aspects that we pay attention to when talking about ecology in the “Arkadag” city is the road and utility infrastructure. During the construction of roads, equipment and materials are used that help the relevant services ensure safety, environmental friendliness and comfortable living.

On the territory of the new city, on the basis of a modern digital system, conditions will be created for the work of medical, banking, trade institutions, regulation of bus traffic and taxi services. The importance of successful implementation of the tasks defined in the Smart City Concept and the establishment of an electronic document management system was emphasized.

The center will operate an Internet network and portals of various fields, which will ensure the availability of a modern communication system for everyone.

It is planned to launch electric buses and electric taxis on the territory of the new city. In this regard, in order to improve the efficiency of traffic lights and bus stops, a digital system will be introduced into their work. All this, providing a well-coordinated traffic, will provide high-quality services to residents of the city and its guests.

One of the areas is a video surveillance system designed for visual control and automatic image analysis with the ability to work out scenarios (automatic recognition of faces, license plates, emergency situations, etc.) for emergency assistance.

In the “Arkadag” city, when using public road transport, it is planned to switch to electric cars and electric buses. Even a partial transition to electric transport, together with the use of the Smart Traffic Light system, will allow drivers to reduce travel time and avoid traffic jams. The system allows to reduce the amount of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere, and will positively affect the ecological situation in the city.

To determine the direction of their movement, persons with visual impairment in the “Arkadag” city, tactile ground indicators are installed on the sidewalks, which are one of the necessary means for their social and environmental adaptation. The total length of the tactile ground indicators installed on the sidewalks of roads and in park areas is about 130 km. It also provides for the installation of auxiliary technical means (pedestrian traffic lights) that will help people when crossing roads. The use of sound signals and tactile signs at pedestrian traffic lights significantly increase the ability of visually impaired people to move independently and safely in the city.

For active recreation of the city residents, it is planned to create a health park, which will include areas for active recreation and events, running and cycling paths, gazebos for recreation and board games. There will also be bike paths with a total length of more than 14 km in park areas in the city.

When illuminating roads, luminaires with diode lamps are used to save electricity.

Speaking about the communal infrastructure of the administrative center of the Akhal velayat, one can single out a careful attitude to water resources. Storm water inlets are installed along all roads and a common collecting network is being built. Water is collected at the treatment plant, where it is cleaned of oil products and debris, after which it enters the settling tanks. A drainage system is also provided in the city to lower the groundwater level, which is also collected and fed into the settling tanks.

In the settling tanks, all the collected water is settled and prepared for reuse, namely for watering the green spaces of the city under construction. Thus, ensuring the saving of water resources (water intake from the Karakum River is decreasing), the lack of which is a problem throughout the world.

In many buildings of the “Arkadag” city, lifting mechanisms (elevators) for various purposes are installed, the total number of which exceeds 1000 units. To ensure high-quality and high-tech maintenance of elevators, it is planned to create a centralized dispatching system for monitoring the operation of elevators. The elevators provide for the installation of an intercom system, through which the user can contact the dispatcher and report problems or call for help. Also, the dispatcher will be able, if necessary, to maintain a conversation with the passenger until the arrival of the appropriate service. Security and prevention of vandalism will be ensured by installed cameras in the elevator car and technical rooms. The use of Braille buttons and horns in elevators is mandatory.

For comfortable living of the population, as well as ensuring minimal damage and safety in new residential buildings in the “Arkadag” city a general control system is installed in each apartment, with the help of which each resident can control the condition of his apartment.

The SMART HOUSE system allows a resident to remotely control the state of his apartment, thereby minimizing damage to himself and his neighbors.

Turkmenistan, having embarked on the path of progressive transformations, also aims to implement the concept of „smart” cities, the new administrative center of the Akhal velayat should become a role model, both in terms of a new urban culture and in terms of ecology.

Thus, in the near future, a modern city with all conditions for comfortable living will appear in the foothills of the Kopetdag, which will become another clear reflection of the progress of the Motherland, as well as a source of pride for the people of Turkmenistan.

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